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[Guild] iOS Top 10 maxed guild DarkKnights Lava3, Max Torch, No Donation!

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Posted on 1/29/16 4:51:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What we offer and looking for:

Language: Must speak English
Boss: 19:00 and 19:30 Server Time, We do boss 3 & 5 Everyday 
Donations: No requirements
Might Requirements : 200K+ Might
Line Chat : Must have Line app to join Guild
Torch battles: We already have enough players Active to max always, if You can't make it no problem
Guild Wars: Must be Active, score at least 2,9K points and use approved guild war base!
Infernal Summit & Lava: We do IS and Lava 3 (we have plenty of lava hitters that can cover any spot you need )
Lost Realm Bosses: We have decent players to help you win.
Fortress Feud : All details will be provided after you join guild.

DarkKnights is a group of players who have an active but relaxed guild. We don't take the game as seriously as some guilds but do enjoy competitive and strategic game play. We have a strong torch and guild war record due to participation and cooperation from guild members. 200k+ might are welcome to join. Our leaders are 240k+ might with a lot of experience. As you will see below , we don't have a lot of strict and fast rules & requirements. However , we do have a few rules to try to keep participation fair and chat enjoyable.

Our goal is to bring a casual but competitive group of clashers together who want to play the game for fun. We don't want a clan full of wannabe leaders who think they know everything , we are seeking mature players who aren't worried about titles and a layback attitude. Play how you want , rush don't rush it's you're game. Anyone is welcome to join and see whether they're a good fit , however we are ultimately looking for members interested in working as a team and staying in guild for long term , no "jumpers".

If you're interested make a request to join you can contact us through LINE app or comment below.
Line ID:
Leader - BizA7X
Vices - Resc-you, Mchbib or Hanyabull

Game on

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man
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Great guild here guys. Check us out. We use line to communicate about castle clash. Always helpful with advice and tips for our fellow members.

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Looks like a great guild and cool design for the guild. 2 swords colliding into one

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Back up

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Looking for active players

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If you are looking for a strong fun guild. You have found your new home.

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To paraphrase BA Baracus "Only a fool don't join this guild."

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a great guild , great leaders who help in everything ... come and have fun :)

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Dark knights climbing the charts