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[Guild] ETERNO is Recruiting!

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ETERNO is Recruiting!

Hello everyone. Looking for a team full of cool easy going people who compete at a high level? Need a team that runs Lava 3 has full participation in Guild Wars and maximum rewards from Torch Battle every time? Eterno might be the right team for you.

With our organized leadership we are always helping the team out with guides in every aspect of the game. We strategize to get the best possible results and that involves our members putting forth that effort.

Guild Wars:
We expect everyone to do all 5 guild war attacks successfully. Our current minimum requirement score is 2600. Which is very lenient and 90% score high above that. If you cannot do guild wars for whatever reason we do expect you to have someone ready to do it or contact leadership for further assistance.

Fortress Feud:
Fortress Feud is run at 12:00 server time. We have a good strategy and training to have everyone on the same page. This is a required event. Upon applying please be sure you can attend the 12:00 FF. This and Guild wars is where we are most competitive.

Torch Battle:
Basically don't haul until 20:45 unless a leader tells you to do so. We like to see 25% participation from each member. We never have issues getting maximum rewards.

Our Might requirement is currently set at 200k might. Though we will be open to players above 180k who participate constantly and with great performance results.

Team Events:
Leadership provides the team with fun mini-events. We like to keep the team having fun. It is basically a team challenge that everyone can participate and have a chance to win some prizes. No pressure just fun!

We run boss 3 at 15:00 ST and boss 5 at 14:30 ST. Bosses are run daily.

Leadership LINE IDs:

Feel free to contact any of us to apply!

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We are currently ranked 7 in Might and 10 in credits. Contact us to get your spot in our amazing guild!

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Bump for Eterno. Go go go.

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Thank you rank dog much appreciated.

Put in your applications now! We have credits to max guild upon update so you will get full benefits! We grow stronger every week!

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Join Eterno guys. Bump

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Thank you! Yes we are constantly recruiting so contact us if you're interested in joining a top competing team!

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