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[Guild] ImperialOrder is back!

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Posted on 1/30/17 8:04:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Max guild hub, flags, treasury, etc.

Guild name: Imperialorder
Platform: IOS
Contacts: Rice29 (founder) or Tiggybangz on line app
Shards rank: 18
Requirements: have line app is all.
Guild is on comeback after merges and had a deep supply of shards to max new guild buildings. Join today!

Posted on 3/29/17 8:50:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To clarify, ImperialOrder has been made into a guild for smurf accounts.  We have a few people with their mains but the goal is to create a relaxed guild for veteran players for their smurf accounts.  Because it's mostly smurfs our might has dropped and we are a mid tier guild now.  However with all the experience in the guild we win GW 95% of the time.
Our only requirement at this time is you do GW.  There is no minimum score.  Boss is 21:00 (all in) and FF is 20:00-21:00.   We hope you will also help with TB but not required.

If interested PM the leaders in Line.
singingwarrior, skitishone, or meenan5

Vice Leader of ImperialOrder (Smurf)
Member of LeagueofHeroes (Main)
Leader of Goat (Main and Smurf in Clash of Desert)
Apply via Line: ID Meenan5
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