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[Guild] Sparta101 100K Might Looking for Members

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Posted on 2/20/17 9:15:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sparta101 is looking for active players with 100k Might minimum. WE DO NOT HAVE A MINIMUM DONATION. We only ask - DO GUILD WARS

We have a lot of high, experienced players that can help you if needed.

Guild: Sparta101

Leader : MoodFlash
Vice: Noo & Burd
Druins (Dru)

Torch battle: Max Rewards. We haul only haul @ 20:47 or if a Leader says "haul".

Boss 3: 20:00
Boss 5: 20:30 (Except Torch Days) Boss 5 will be at 21:10 after Boss.

We Do Lava 3 & Some Do G4

Forttress Feud: We do ok at Feud. We have some High Might guys with lots of DEVO's that can rack up a score.

No shards donation. 

Guildwar is mandatory. Minimum acceptable GW score is 1100. You must do all 5 attacks. Missing 2 GWs in a row/month could cause termination. If you have an issue and can not do GW please let a leader know.

Requirements: We are looking for 100k might and above and can do GW consistently. We use Band outside of Castle Clash. We require that you download it for news and other info. Once downloaded a leader can get you an invite code.

Please contact us on "Line" first.

Druins (Dru) Line ID : --dru-- (Use the dashes)
Moodflash Line ID: Flashmood

Once you find one of us on "Line" we can invite you to our "Band" chats.