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[Guild] Looking for IOS Guild 94,000 Might

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General Information:
I'm very active English speaking castle clash player age 15, My iOS account consists of a stronger alter, active play time and event participation.

My Might is currently 94,000

I use Line as an important way of communication
(Send me a message with guild information)
Line ID: infix

In the guild I'm looking for people to run Mesa 4, WG 3, (minimum)  and maybe Lava runs (not mandatory)

Guild who run boss(3) no later then 21.00
Boss 4 is optional*
Runs FortressFude at latest possible time.

I score over 1.3k score in GW per war
Working on my torch skills* (old guilds didn't do well meaning I didn't participate in it often but am looking to change that)

Any other information or questions you would like to ask feel free to message me on Line or leave a comment.

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Join chaos66.
Take a look at

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ArcanEmpire is recruiting: ArcanEmpire

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