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[Guild] KilerElite Recruiting Adult, Communicating Players

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We are KilerElite, a Top 200 guild. And yes, we have no dues, max in TB, etc. Most of our members are adults, but we welcome players of all ages.
Our guild turf is maxed (including moxie), and we have active friendly players who want to help you get better!

Here's the type of player we like to have:
* Friendly and communicates often via guild channel, Line group ("KilerElite" ) and/or via our guild email list.
* Can make GW (do all 5 hits when able) and gives a decent effort
* Wants to get better and improve
* Is Active
Our Daylight Savings Time boss 5 time is 2000, followed by boss 3 at 2030 (21:30 and 21:00 off DST). All go from the start and thus no drama. We do WG3 and Lava3 after (but also all during the day when in communication). Usually we alternate our FF time between 12:00 and 20:00.

Guild Wars participation encouraged.  If you have to miss, let leaders know. We understand that this is a game and not a job. However, our members are highly active and strive for first place in gw/FF so we are really looking for active members. This is a mature, professional guild, and players who communicate regularly are usually very happy here.
KilerElite's minimum might requirement is 100K. We have a few low-might smurfs, but most of our players are in the 100-200K might range.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT RANDOM APPLICATIONS. SO IF INTERESTED PLEASE  Line text "JPott" or "Thor7700" and/or email or for acceptance.

We currently have quite a few openings. I have been in the guild almost 3 years and the ones that remain year after year are close friends, almost family. If you want to join the family, contact us as above. If you are a small guild looking to merge and get all the benefits of a max guild, please communicate with us and we should be able to arrange a beneficial merger :)

Always glad to answer any questions.
"KilerElite" is case sensitive when applying. Hope you will consider us 

My four CC accounts on iOS are danHeis (205K might), LkngFrTrbl (192K), Duffyz (185K), and NookAuthor (145K).
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Update: KilerElite has about 5 new members and 2 returning old ones who miss our funny chatter :). But we still have enough free space to absorb a small, friendly guild. So whether you are a single player looking for a place to play and chat, or a small guild looking for the benefits of a full-benefit guild, please consider "KilerElite".

Again, Line text "JPott" or "Thor7700" and/or email or for acceptance.

My four CC accounts on iOS are danHeis (205K might), LkngFrTrbl (192K), Duffyz (185K), and NookAuthor (145K).
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