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[Guild] NewLethaLegends Boss 21 FF 20 Seeking 200k GW FF Line Dudefresh & Brooke155

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(~)     LethalLegends   (~)
Boss 21:00/21:30 FF 20:00! Recruiting 200K+ only Active GW/FF Add- Dudefresh    (&;)     Brooke155

(Single players or groups of 3 we have an exception to join if you are 160k+ or can reach that) Might isnt a major issue ability/skills and score is vital.

     LethalLegends is looking for Avid CC goers! New members please come to LethalLegends we're pretty much a group of Legends having a party. Imagine that! All your favorite TV stars friends Athletes Singers Actors in one room partying! But in reality being Lethal is no joke and we have come a long way in Castle Clash and refuse to stop doing what we love. Due to the recent shortage of members (players quitting, missing guild war, taking a break or just leaving because of a couple people missing guild war) we have to take action.

*Small merges accepted as well! Looking for a full guild? look no further!*

     Please pm #Dudefresh #Brooke155 if you are guildless and looking for a guild. A guild that has no exceptions to missed GWs and in addition to that is very knowledgable of the game.

      As I talk more about LL I want to say that we have been through a merge recently with Fracture it has worked out well so far and we are getting along very well. LL is prepared for mergers we know what to do in a merge situation and will always make it a smooth one.

      With that being said LL is open to take in a small guild. A guild with 10-20 members. We can work out the kinks to make it as successful as possible and this way your guild will become a huge family. LL is open to this and we would be open to talking about possibilities of the merger through careful discussion amongst both guild leaderships. Guilds must have Teamwork, Loyalty and a passion for Castle Clash this way it will always work out if you find yourself having a thought or even a small feeling that this is what you want now and that it could work, then do me a favor make the right decision.

      Move yourself and your active players to LethalLegends. We are a friendly crew a team that rly supports each other and we are laid back all the time. We also love to have fun and joke around. LL is a blast and everyone here who participates in the fun know how great it is. At times its even better than laying down with a cold (beer) in a pool on a float on a hot summer day. (sun)

Lavas (lava) and

LethalLegends Recruitment thread:
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The most interesting snowman in the game bumps this thread!!!