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[Guild] 274k might looking for guild

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Posted on 8/11/17 3:01:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm a 274k might player, can easily decrease or increase might
Have every hero but the last two new ones. 
Able to top 5 every gw, doesn't matter the opponents. 

i'm looking for a guild that does fairly well in gw, and has members that runs infernal summit randomly 
I'm not looking for a guild that boots members and then gets stomped in the upcoming wars because we're 63/75 etc...

Looking for a community that does fairly well in GW and is able to run summit whenever. 

Contact my Line ID : frankiieboii2 

don't comment on this thread telling me to contact you or join you, next time I check this forum might be 2019.

Thanks, looking forward.