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[Guild] KaTet Rank 92| GW = Mandatory| Boss3@ 20:30 Boss5@ 21:00| Feud@ 20:00

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Posted on 10/10/17 9:12:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

KaTet is looking for active and competitive players. Guild Wars is MANDATORY and those that don't participate are removed. We are ALWAYS pushing for better GW.

We have high, experienced players that can help you if needed.

Guild: KaTet

Leaders: Dru, PortgasDAce

Torch battle: We ONLY haul @ 20:45

Boss 3: 20:30
Boss 5: 21:00

We Do Lava 3 & G4 & Summit - Players also do Mesa 4 and WG3.

Forttress Feud: 20:00

Donate ONLY what you can. ALL donations are appreciated.

Guildwar is MANDATORY. You must do all 5 attacks. If you have an issue and can not do GW please let a leader know.

Requirements: We are looking for players that can consistently do GW and put up good scores. We use LINE outside of Castle Clash. We require that you download it.

Please contact us on "Line".

Dru: --dru--
PortgasDAce: port-

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