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[Guild] 100% gw wins. Top 60. Boss 2100. Max guild. Lava3,4, IS

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Posted on 10/12/17 7:42:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Tired of losing guild wars? Spending a lot of money or time in this game and losing out of fame? Tired of guild members not pulling their own weight?  We've won the last 61 guild wars and still counting. We even beat guild hopping guilds. Very low guild turnover and no one leaves because we always win. Usually get first in fortress feud. Boss5 at 2030, boss3 at 2100. Max torch. Lava 3,4 and infernal summit. Max guild turf etc.

Very lean guild and antifluff. Line text jabber8 for further details. Everyone gets an altar check prior to acceptance.

Minimum might - none. We have a special interest in new players to the game and android converts to iOS.

Posted on 10/12/17 7:43:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild name is math_masters