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[Guild] --jay--jay-- Top 40 IOS Guild is recruiting

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Hi there

Are you looking for a Top 40 Guild on IOS. If so, please check our requirements and contact me on the line details below:

Guild: --jay--jay--
Platform: IOS
Might Rank: Top 40
Status: All guild upgrades completed (Moxie 5, Treasury 5)
Donations: 50 per day (normally done via quest donations)
Minimum might: 100,000
Boss 3: Server Time 1700
Boos 5: Server Time 1707 (after cooldown from Boss 3)
FF: Server Time 1200-1300
Lava and IS: We have our own dedicated lava chat, where you can look to form a team with existing players, and other players who will help ghost while you are forming a team

1) Must participate in guild wars, do 5 attacks, with a minimum score based on your might
2) Any new player missing first wars = kicked
3) Any player misses wars x2 = kicked
4) Common sense used in line chats, with no drama

We have line chats for most game modes, with lots of experienced players who can offer advice and assistance.

If you are interested and wish to join us, please add me on line at  --jayjay--

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