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[Guild] Looking for a guild

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Posted on 1/20/18 5:58:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Looking for a guild on the IOS server.

My in game name is Moonlight, 52k might, UTC-08:00. Currently beat ID 2-10 with the following heroes Micheal, Pumkin Duke, Cupid, Ronin, and Grimfiend. I’m f2p, so I’m unable to progress as quickly as someone who’s p2p, but just trying to find a guild that I’ll be able to do at least Lava 3 if possible, but if anything just Torch or Guild wars.

Posted on 1/21/18 10:52:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Send me line text at jabber8 pls

Posted on 1/21/18 7:54:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


* **Guild Server** - iOS
* **Guild Name** -knightsofvictory
* **Guild Rank** -Top 250
* **Guild Level** - Max (No Donations Required)
* **Boss Time** - 20:45ST(Boss3) & 21:05ST(Boss5), except Torch days
* **FF Time** - 12:00-13:00ST
* **Other events** - Wg 4, Lava 3/4, Infernal Summit 1, all run daily

#Guild Requirements
* **Guild War** - A must do event, all 5 runs.
* **Might** - Any, as long as you are active and do Guild war.
* **Participation** -Guild War a must do event only, failure to do will result in you no longer being a part of this guild. Do not haul torch before 20:45ST.
* **Guild info** -We are very friendly and welcoming, we have players from all over the world, that all have a love for clashing.
A great place to have fun and clash. Tons of knowledge from our long time members. We are looking for members who love to play, are respectful and mature.

#How to Apply / Who to Contact
* Language English only. Line app required, this is our primary form of communication.
Contact via LINE: Leader: mah2u, Vice: mattyk1, Vice: Brucecon