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[Guild] iOS ProCompany - top 15 recruiting

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Posted on 2/24/18 6:15:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ProCompany is guild that climbed fast and we're looking for active experienced players
we are top 13 in might and we're thinking to jump alot maybe into top 10 or even higher very soon!

what we can offer u?
1. max torch
2. 1st place in Fortress feud
3. 1st or 2nd place in guild wars
4. advices for dungs, hbm, squad showdown etc
5. new, friendly, talkative & kind people
6. boss 3 @ 17:00
7. WG 4 and IS 1 and lava 3 & 4 daily
8. max flags, max treasury

what do we want from u?
1. 180,000 + might
2. Valid line account that u're using daily
3. active play in ff and gw and not to miss either unless its really situation that kept u away from iPhone/iPad
4. solid knowladge of game and English
5. understanding how gw and ff works and giving max U can
6. good will and smiley face!

Leader : Puw
VL1: ViciousKittens
VL2: JayJay

Line ID: Puwness

ProCompany- Daddies guild.
Posted on 3/6/18 1:43:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild updates.

ProCompany- Daddies guild.