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[Guild] Cutting Edge iOS Top 50 Now Recruiting & Looking to grow!

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Cutting Edge

* iOS server
* Guild Name - Cutting Edge
* Guild Rank - 40s with room to grow
* Guild Level - MAXED
* Boss3 21:00 svt, Boss5 20:30 svt
* Torch 20:45 svt Always MAX shards & HB!
* Fortress Feud 20:00 - We come to compete!

Guild Requirements

* 150k might requirement. Can be worked around depending on Guild War performance.
* Guild Wars - REQUIRED. All 5 attacks. Need help?  We can help with different strategies to always max fame rewards. We are highly competitive and bring it every Guild War. We have a separate chat room where we post videos and give guidance on how to beat top 5 mights.
* We do daily Lava 4 and Infernal Summit 1 runs with separate chat room and can help you form a private team. Can’t meet requirements? We can help you form your team and help you maximize rewards.

Even though we are highly competitive, we are also a very laid back and fun group of players who love to play this game with a vast amount of knowledge and are willing to help you grow. Several mights in the 300k+ range that can help you beat the demon in Lost Realm every time. We have a strong tight knit leadership team that you can count on. Come grow with us. Our goal is to reach top 25 and then beyond. We have several players who have been in top guilds that can help guide you along your journey in this game.

How to Apply / Who to Contact
* Contact via Line ID MINININIE or CPANTHERS to apply.

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