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[Guild] New Guild Cyberwarriors! Join now!

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Posted on 5/13/18 5:47:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


Leader: Ryan.F08

Vice-Leaders: Jeffott

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About Us: Our old guild went through the process of merging with another guild which created other issues. I ended up deciding to leave my position as a Vice and create a new guild with one of my friends from the old guild. The guild is now a week old and we have already won our 1st guild wars!! 

Requirements: The might requirement is 50k but will be raised to 80k in the near future. The only thing that we require is that you do GW!

Guild Events: We have a monthly iTunes giveaway of $20 as long as you do GW. You will be disqualified from it if you do not do GW even once throughout the month.

Contact Us: Line ID ryan.f08

Name: Cronos.08
Guild: CyberWarriors