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[Guild] UnitedByLove Recruiting! Anyone Welcome ~

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Posted on 9/14/18 10:52:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Requirements:

There are no requirements, except to be active in Guild Wars. We are simply a guild that strives to help anyone who is in need of it and a home to a chill environment that doesn't stress on hitting the highest mights. Simply make sure you are able to do your entries in GWs and you'll be fine. There are no might requirements, as you'll grow while in the guild. Anyone is welcome that wishes to be apart of the guild!

About The Guild:

  • Lava 4 is ran consistently.
  • Fortress Feud is 12:00.
  • Boss 5 ran when desired.
  • Regular boss is 12:00.

Line: kayangatai, mralejandro, and yourambitiousgirl ~ ^^