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[Guild] Devoured Recruitment

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Posted on 9/13/21 11:46:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

  • Devoured Recruitment

    Hey everyone,

    Devoured is a brand new guild, at least for IOS. We strive to have as much fun as possible and to also work on bettering ourselves. We've got a couple of requirements and things we think you should have but other than that feel free to join!

    LINE: ramblerofficial


    • Active Daily
    • 100k Might or more.
    • Must have Line
    • Must do Guild Wars
    • Donate 20k shards daily

    Thanks for reading the thread, hope your interest in joining grows! We are brand new on IOS and want to make a name for ourselves!

Guild Recruitment
Guild: Devoured
Requirements: Line, Must do Guild Wars, and 50k might
Activity: Every day.