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[Guild] hero attacks

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Posted on 12/22/13 2:55:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

their needs to be a limit on how low big players can attack smaller players.  i just scrolled down 70 pages of players in my might range.  im guessing they have the same problem as me, seconds after logging off we get attacked by level 90+ heroes only.  so when i try to do fights most players in my range have shields so most targets are way stronger then me.  something needs to change or all mid might levels will stop playing

Posted on 12/22/13 5:24:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The problem you are having is from the math of might, and unfortunately the game has no might dump for buildings.  Might comes from both buildings and heroes, so players that skip buildings and just focus on heroes are having a huge advantage in raiding players who work on both.  My suggestion is to stop all building for a while, only level heros, nothing else, your heroes will start to gain.  Also, the only might dump in the game is consuming heroes, forget any and all garrisoning and consume everything but your top heroes, I would suggest a top 8 or so so you don't have to wait as a hero or two gets killed in player raiding.