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[Guild] looking for a guild?

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Posted on 1/12/14 2:13:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello  TheElites guild is recruting members who will like to win some easy honor badges.
Due to World chat being unavailble we can not recruit people and even though we have 30+ members most are not much help as they are not online during boss events due to the different time zones or can not do enough damage. Me and another guild member can beat the Normal boss on our own but it takes us about 20 minutes which is why we invite anyone who is able to atleast do 3
million or more damage to the boss during those 30 minutes. This would save us time or even allow us to try beating the elite boss and make you easy hb as usually only the first 2 places of the top 10 hittters are taken. If you find it hard to make the top 10 hitter in your current guild then your welcome to search for us and apply

Boss event usually takes place around 7:30-8:30 pm est time during week days and anytime from 1:00pm-2am during weekends.

An initial 50 shards donation is required if you are to stay with and after that you can donate whenever you want to comtribute to the guild so that it can grow. Legendary heroes are preferred as this shows that you might be able to do do some good damage but is not nessesary as long as you can show us that you can meet the required damage output. If your accepted please let me know if you applied due to this post in guild chat or by pm. Thank You!