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[Off-Topic] Interview the Player: The Georgia Bulldog!

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Hello iOS Clashers,

Sorry for the delay, I finally have another interview for you.  This dirty dawg comes straight from the pound called Basilica one of the more people friendly top guilds in the game.  His name is Dugdawg.  Lets get to know him and his guild.

Q: Dugdawg can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: Sure, thanks for the interview. My name as you might guess is Doug. I'm a fan of the University of Georgia Bulldogs (aka, the Dawgs), which is where my game name comes from. I'm a dad who still loves to play games despite having much less free time  due to kids, family and work. I guess as a result I've taken to playing games like Castle Clash that I can play on the go.

Q: So Dugdawg coming from one dog to another I hear you have a nickname. "Driveshaft". Can you tell us  where that came from?

A: Haha. When my guild merged with Basilica back in May of this year, people looked at my profile picture on Line and thought I looked like "Charlie" from the TV show Lost. It's funny because I think I remember him being a Hobbit in Lord of the Rings and I don't think I look anything like him in real life, lol, but I guess my Line pic really gave off that Charlie vibe. Fellow Lost nerds may remember that the name of Charlie's band in the show was "Driveshaft," and so my nickname kind of started from there. 

Q: Rumor has it that you actively play two accounts and have a newborn baby at home, how do you manage all that?  Congrats on the way on the new baby.

A: Thanks! Parenthood is both amazing and exhausting, but mainly it's very rewarding. In terms of managing all these things, It's definitely a struggle, ha. I have my main account and a free-to-play smurf. In my old guild, me and a few of my buddies created smurfs for the sole purpose of donating shards to afford the guild boss each day (we had a really small guild at the time). 

For some reason, I ended up continuing to play my smurf and he managed to get good, really good! He now is at over 90k might and has all the shard purchasable heroes as well as some truly great gem-only heroes, including PD, Cupid, Santa, Vlad, DK, Tree, Snowzilla and Aries. My smurf has recently started farming insane dungeon 1-10 so that feels great for a f2p account without Mino or SM.

Q: Getting into the game a bit, you are in a guild named Basilica.  Quite Frankly I don't know much of it except you and Johnny (Cydeout). Can you tell us more about your guild, its history and how it came to be?

A: I had to call a lifeline (Johnny aka Cydeout, the leader of Basilica) to answer this one. Johnny started Basilica on Thanksgiving in 2014. He and a bunch of loyal friends left their former guild and they decided to band together and start Basilica. Johnny named the guild after his travels in Europe where he visited many Basilicas. He explained to me that the idea for the guild was to be a sanctuary for friends to mingle and play. Our guild places a high emphasis on chat for this reason, as we care about people becoming our friends in game and in life. Johnny is proud of the fact that we have 15 women in the guild, and we try to maintain an environment that is friendly for the ladies of CC. I think Johnny appreciates having our ladies to otherwise balance out the sausage fest these types of games can sometimes become, lol. Not to shamelessly plug our guild, but players interested in joining should install Line chat and add "Cydeout.

I personally joined Basilica back in May along with my ragtag team of misfits from my old guild Goblin Guzzlers. We had been playing together for years in Clash of Clans prior to getting started in Castle Clash. 

I first met Johnny after the HBD update. I had friended Johnny in game because I distinctly remember him having a sweet HBD team that I wanted to borrow, lol. At the time I was attempting to go down the list of top players with awesome heroes to have a chance at beating some of the tougher HBD demons. He took that opportunity to recruit our guild and absorb it into Basilica, so it worked out for all. He got a fistful of kings and emperors and we got a bigger guild and more friends.

Q: You have been an invaluable asset and a wealth of information in a few of the line chat channels I frequent.  You recently did an HBD guide for the forums can you tell us about that? His guide is here!

A: Well thanks! You have certainly been an invaluable asset to the forums yourself and I think a lot of players (myself included) truly appreciate your attempts to build the CC community and help new and old players alike to understand and enjoy the game. 

In terms of my Here Be Demons (HBD) guide, I originally wrote it to help my own guildies with HBD and to help the guild develop great HBD teams for borrowing. As many players know, Castle Clash is a deep and complex game and until recently (when IGG added an in-game guide) most aspects of the game were not explained at all. You just kind of had to jump in and figure everything out through trial and error. Of course, this was a rather daunting barrier to new players entering the game and attempting to join the CC community. I recognized HBD as a particularly esoteric and tough mode for people to understand and be successful at, so I was happy to share my guide with the CC community at large.

Q: What do you think of the new artifacts? How do you think they will change your strategies up?

A: Artifacts are a really interesting new feature, and they add yet another layer of complexity and customization to the game. I've unlocked all of the artifacts and I guess my current favorites are the Goblet, Blitz and Axe. In terms of how the artifacts will change my strategies, I'm finding that different heroes benefit from different artifacts in different game modes. For example, for Here Be Monsters, Wretched Gorge and insane dungeons, PD does really great with the Blitz scroll. However in player versus player game modes, sometimes you might want to use another hero that can benefit from that stun block and extra attack speed. There are a lot of options now for customizing your team.

Q: Where are you at in the game right now, what goals do you have?

A: On my main account, I have completed the insane dungeons and now am looking to beat HBM T and experiment with some of the newer HBM levels recently added to the game. I just got Moltanica, he's a sweet hero, so I'm enjoying leveling him up and I'm excited to see how he helps my HBM progress. 

On my smurf, I'm trying to see how far in insane dungeons I can get as a f2p account. It's challenging but fun. So far I'm farming insane 1-10 and looking to get past 2-1. I may end up putting out a completely f2p guide for the insane dungeons depending on how far I get. In the meantime i recommend everyone check out Leaf's guide and the videos online that Rankdog has so graciously assembled for everyone.

I don't know if IGG realizes this (and I really hope they do), but the free to play community is really important. It's important for the health of the game and community to continue to support free to play Clashers. That's part of my motivation for pushing the limits of my free to play smurf. I want to see what helpful strategies I can learn to pass on to others. Thankfully, there are already a lot of great resources out there. Special props to Leaf's guide, Aevatrex, Blue Panda, you Rankdog and all the Clashers trying to make this community grow.

Special thanks to Doug for taking the time to do this. 

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Great story rank!

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Yay, a new interview:) Good job guys. I always enjoy Dug's strategy for the average players, like the LB one he did. Keep it up, both of you:)

  -recruitment tread
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Congrats dug glad to be part of basilica and wtg make us famous lol

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You know how we do