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[Off-Topic] Sharing my opinion about recent forum activity.

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Posted on 9/16/16 10:54:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

All players have a license to use the content on their individual account.
Now when asking the forum community to share their opinions about candidates is quite normal, but is there no reciprocity when it comes to a disagreement. I consider each post as a published opinion which is protected under fair use. Apparently deleting opinions about the end result of a public vote is not allowed or censored I find this highly discriminatory I never saw a rule where you cannot question moderators actions. You volunteer for the community so you work for us don't get it twisted. Cheers, the warning is clearly abusive and goes against my conscience. Maybe I missed to rule where it says moderators cannot be questioned. If this is deleted it is a clear form of discrimination. How many of you are even play on iOS? Majority are on droid.. all I would like is a play by play on how the choice was made. Cuz I highly doubt content was of threads were used as a consideration. It would be In all your best interest to remove that warning I received.

Fair use.
Moral Rights. 
Gotta love America. 
Posted on 9/16/16 11:14:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the forum functions as a democracy and that the selection of the moderator is an election.  The purpose of the forums is to have ongoing discussions about CC and related matter.  Insofar as I can tell, this thread doesn't seem to further that goal.  In fact, seems like another misguided attempt on your part to rile up the forums.  Get over yourself!  You're not mod and, thankfully, you'll never likely be one here.  You seem to be so hung up on your "right" to your opinion and conscience.  If it's that important to you, get involved in civic life in the real world and go vote, assuming you're old enough, which it doesn't seem like you are.

When you get off your high horse, walk as far away from it as you can and don't look back.  It's understandable that you were initially disappointed in not being chosen mod.  Now you're straying into sore loser territory.  Count your lucky stars I'm not mod.  They've been too kind and given you a long leash.  I would've deleted this thread of yours which serves no discernable purpose related to CC.

PS:  You have a terrible understanding of law and constitutional concepts.  It just seems like you're nitpicking random concepts you've seen on TV without really understanding what it really means.

PPS:  I have been an iOS CCer for over three years.

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Posted on 9/16/16 11:20:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I assume your post was removed because it has nothing really to do with Castle Clash.

I get that you are upset with the moderation team, but you are probably better off dealing with the mods directly, with PMs.

This forum is for discussing where to put 5/5 revite and complaining how rare PD is.

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Posted on 9/17/16 12:13:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Firstly, I understand you were disappointed on not receiving Moderator status, this can be attributed to MANY things.
Some of these things include your time on the Forums, small amounts of time on your account, regardless of whether you have been lurking/viewing the Forums for a long period of time, may go against you.
Your Forum topics and post count, if you have a small amount of posts and in them posts give information that is misleading or incorrect may also go against you.
Childish behaviour as in complaining about not receiving Moderator status will also go against you.

Rest assured I did not select myself as a Moderator and am a Probationary Moderator.
If I do not do my job, I will lose this position.

Your thread entitled "Moderator" was removed because it had run its course and comments were continually made to cause an argument and were causing arguments.
So, respectfully, rather than issue you with a warning I locked the topic, left it up there for a few hours so anyone else would see the reason it was locked, and then moved the topic to the archives.
To continually complain about it, and as you have pm'd me with your intent to "create drama" as that's what "keeps the forums fun" is considered Trolling as you are making these topics with the intent to create drama.

On a final note, yes my job is to repopulate these Forums and increase activity which will not happen in 2 days.
As with the other topic this one is locked as it serves no purpose here.
If you wish to complain about it, Cordi, Firstlady and RobinKnight will happily listen to your complaints.

To educate yourself on the Forum rules pls visit this topic

Topic locked.

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