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[Off-Topic] What crests to keep?

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Posted on 10/29/16 9:12:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Which crests should I be keeping and working on upgrading for endgame. For now I have lots of Scatter, WG, BW, Berserk, Deadly Strike, Life Drain, Heavy Blow, Revive, Revite, Tenacity and Slowdown (for archdemon).

I used Tenacity for my SK which was born with LD, but now SK has corrode talent so I crested him with LD. 

I am thinking about dumping my Heavy Blow crests. Anything else I should be tossing out?

And second: Is there is anything I should be saving that I am not doing already?


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Posted on 10/29/16 9:35:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi X,
Many people have said I dont know what Im talking about in the past but this is what I keep;
Life Drain
Deadly Strike
Sprint (only just started)

My reasons are as follows...
I keep all the mythic crests except any that aren't needed which will be Berserk Soon as all the gamemodes I play require Revive on my heroes and with the speed cap Berserk doesnt really do anything until 3/5.
Revitalize is obvious and Life Drain I use to mix up sometimes in Guild Wars or Arena etc etc basically anywhere I need extra life. (great for insane dungeons)

I keep scatter for boss 5 and Here Be Demons and because I want to head into HBM AA.
I sometimes load up a full team with Scatter for Lost Realm.
I keep Bulwark and Wargod for my snipers (pixie, warlock etc etc)
I keep sprint, now, for Lady Leo in Arena but starting to think its a waste.

I used to keep Slow Down but I only need it for Arch Demon and in Castle Crisis I usually get enough points to get top rewards without using it so I sold them all.

It basically comes down to what you need. As space is limited you need to be picky on what to keep, example, yes a Stone Skin Grimfiend can be cool but do you really want to hold up 16 slots to make a level 4 set?
I keep NO Regular (Green) Crests, NO Self Destruct, Heavy Blow from Rare (Blue) Crests.

Hope it helps a bit

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Posted on 10/29/16 10:53:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Yoda, thanks for the detailed reply, and this does help a lot. So, I am going to toss out my HB. And I did not list it but I have been saving Sprint for a while now. As for GF being cool with Stoneskin. Yeah he probably could be, but I would rather give him BW or WG talent and crest him with LD to make him last a bit longer, which is what I have done. And he seems to last reasonably well since he usually hangs around in the background. 

I will probably also toss out my Tenacity although I did build them to level 3, but then I also upgraded the WG and BW on my TG and Immo back when I literally had nothing better to put these talents on. That is how the game goes.

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Posted on 10/29/16 7:49:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just deleted 3 sets of Berserk 4 after reading this purely for the fact I have berserk on all the heroes who need it now :)
Over in Android they are using Stone Skin main Talent on their Grimfiend to stop Guild Wars snipers.

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Posted on 10/29/16 8:01:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I keep everything except for scorch, blade shell, and flame guard.

The only reason I don't have them is because I need a forge target for psycrest farming.

I'm pretty sure Heavy Blow and Self Destruct won't ever be needed, but blue crests are simply too rare for me to throw away.  

Maybe IGG will release a boss that is immune to skills, but not HB stun.  Unlikely, but it's not like the few extra blue crystals I'll get for selling them are significant.

The extra WH space would be nice, but I'm not capped as it is.

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