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[Off-Topic] Note about petition reply

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Posted on 4/26/17 11:18:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Freedom of speech, is global, poeple can speak everywhere, anytime,... they can make group, or all other things, they want, ... even if igg not like it, or make a bad publicity.

Sorry if I make a mistake and I blame you, but it's igg I want blame, and this message more early about ban ....

But I m agree with the fact, all player are free, so it's not allowed to forced (I don't see it, in the petition) but try to catch more player, to forced more easy igg to change, i think it's good.
Mainly because igg never listen us.... always reply same bla-bla-bla .... so I think they are bored to waste their time ....
And try an other solution...

And usual I never use this forum, to bored to use it and to useless ... so I understand than a lot player not use it too.... you can't blames them for it....

More funny together
Posted on 4/28/17 3:21:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You are free to say what you want, and they are free to ban you from their game or forum as they wish.