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[Off-Topic] Bladeshell vs silence and pumpkies/warflyers/archangel

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Posted on 5/31/17 7:48:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys, 

I got 2 questions on 2 different toppics:

First of all, the bladeshell talent. Now, everyone allways told me that any form of silence/calamity on the hero with bs, keeps it from proccing while under it. Now, it's not really hard to find a video of where aries proccs (5 vite aries) and still gets damage, apparantly aries deals dmg first before the silence is applied, 100 percent sure of this, saw it myself. But the question, what about when the hero is already under silence? I didn't find any video that shows it perfect to deny or prove. I contacted live support, where they said bladeshell would allways keep working, even when the hero is already under silence, they also gave this link:

Anybody that can show this with a video?

Next question: heroes that "summon" other things, like the pumpkies from trixie, archangel from michael and warflyers from gunslinger, how is the health/dmg/crit chance of those things calculated? Obviously archangel and warflyers are different than pumpkies, but yeah you guys get the question. Like, does bullwark/wargod/stoneskin/tenacity,.. Only acts on hero itselves, or also on the "summoned things"? I guess not, but would that mean that archangel on a 200 devo michael is at max dmg, even though michael would have bulwark? Or bladeshell, does that go on archangel too?

Thanks for helping me out, I searched the net about all those things, but seems like nobody seems to aggree, and I didn't see any full proof videos.