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[Off-Topic] Rolled a gunslinger hero went missing while upgrading

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Posted on 6/21/17 1:57:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi my name is khan ( in game name Imikhan) and the issue im having is that i rolled a gunslinger on tuesday 20th of june around 4:30pm UK time. I was very excited and took a screen shot to share it with my guild line chat group. Well it wasnt long before my excitement turned to frustration as while upgrading it game got stuck and i restarted the game when i logged back in i couldn't find that hero (gunslinger) restarted the game few time even uninstalled and reinstalled but hero was nowhere to be found. So i contact live support and reported the issue and was promised a responce in 1 day which i did receive but they completely dismissed my claim of hiring that hero. I was not happy so contacted again 2nd time around was asked to provide any screenshots of hiring the hero which i luckily did take so i provided that screenshot and got the same one day waiting time for responce. I just got the responce email today which actually is the exact same email as the first one. I was very pissed but hey its IGG all they want is you to buy gems and if there is anything that doesn't make them money they seems not to give a damn. How could i even just forget it i rolled that damn hero and even if there was a glich in the gane caused it not my fault. I've spend alot of money in this game but after this incident i would never spend a single penny in this game and all you guys reading this i would like to warn you please do not spend any money in this game dont get carried away these people do not give a damn about your problems in the game even if you are a pay to play gammer. I hope the karma gets them and gets them right.

Posted on 6/21/17 4:44:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You need to use the link ingame for Live Support for assistance with this issue.


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Posted on 6/21/17 10:00:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Post your screenshot of the hero on here.  

I hate to not believe you, but I've never had a problem with customer support not taking care of a problem like this.  I even once accidentally ate a new hero and they did me a one time favor.   They can see every hero you roll.  They can also see if you accidentally consumed it, or if it just disappeared.   

If you really did roll this hero, I'm sure they will give it back to you especially if it was some kind of glitch.  But again, if you really didn't roll her, they will be able to see, and they will not give you a free one.  

I hope you are being honest and if so I'm sure they will do the right thing.

Best of luck.