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[Off-Topic] 100k+ might player looking for lava team

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Posted on 8/25/17 1:22:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In-game Name : its.Infix
Line ID : infix

language English/french
Time zone, est (available 6pm to 10pm for runs)

***(I run Tree Team)***
My current heroes aren't fully levelled for lava but won't take long for them to be ready, they are all curerently evo or Devo
Message me the tree set u need with what heroes u want me to run

Hero list :
Tree Devo 160
PD Devo 200 10/10 skill + 7/8 Zerk
Pk evo 160 8/10
Aries evo 160 5/10 (can get to 10/10)
Ghoulem (needs work non evo 160)
Santa evo (ready for Devo) 187 10/10 8/8 bulwark
Sk evo 180 8/10 7/8 scatter
DD evo 160 7/10 6/8 bulwark
Val (needs work) 140 4/10 skill (can power level quickly)

Posted on 8/25/17 1:22:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not looking for a guild this would strictly be for lava only