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[Off-Topic] The best thing about this update

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Posted on 12/26/17 11:36:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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OP, most other games have a clear divide between p2p and f2p. Most don’t like change and I can relate being a minimal p2p player. But if I were a heavy spender for the past few years, I’d be extremely angry losing to any f2p player till more recently.

Also forums are a place for people to voice their opinions and it’s not like players have a direct line to igg management. This is also a place to see if one’s opinion is shared within the community. I’m sure it gets old reading infinite complaints, but a mod signs up for that. If any mod expected different, that person needs a serious wake up call.

Posted on 1/1/18 4:00:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There is a serious balance problem between those that spend NOW, those that spent before no matter the amount ( meaningless month after month ) and F2P.

Does that motivate me to keep grinding? No.
Does that motivate me to keep spending? No.
Does that motivate me to keep playing? No.

There is a problem with this short-term business plan then.

Note: My accounts combined have almost 1.5 million might and I bought around 5 million gems, so I was a dumb, but very generous, patreon that feels everything but appreciated.

Today I told my friends that I will stop playing my iOS accounts, will keep playing the Android one for a little longer as there was a lot of recent wasted money there.

Posted on 1/2/18 5:50:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just to make clear that it's not just about the money spent, but the hundreds upon hundreds of hours... not all fun, lots of mindless grinding, but what I enjoyed the most was the community.
I started playing this right when the game launched on Android, then Samsung phone broke and I started from scratch on iOS (still with the old graphics). My biggest mistake was starting from scratch (again) on Android (now 300k might), seeing that we cannot change platforms like on Clash of Desert.
Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the game and I wish I still could, but last year was a roller coaster ( having lost many of my teammates ) and I am afraid the developers don't listen to the community as they should, which is unfortunate... for both parties, everyone loses.

Posted on 1/4/18 9:16:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I actually want their sustainable profit margins to increase, I would like them to earn more money and spend a good portion on promoting this game... however their short-term business decisions are making more and more people leave instead of keep spending month after month.
I know several people that dropped $nnn,nnn on this game and are no longer here for very specific reasons pointed (and ignored) several times.

Castle Clash YouTube content is getting so few views per video (only JT does well because of the ton of videos and he is the #1), this does not happen on most other top grossing games and is a symptom of the small audience. There are many Castle Clash accounts, yes, many smurfs and many inactive too.

How much does it cost to acquire an heavy spender p2p? How much effort does it take to retain one? I have personal experience of how poor even VIP support is. I just have not quit completely because of my friends and grievance about the wasted money... not the game itself.