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[Off-Topic] Can you help me remember my account creation date?

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Posted on 11/25/21 4:00:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys
I lost my apple id and I want to retrieve my IGG account, but I can't recall when and where I made it!
The point is I know where I made it but I don't know how IGG detects the country and city I was in while making the account!
And about the "when" part, this is my second time losing apple id and I lost my first account from 2014, but in this new one I had the "Bronze Medal" decoration  which I'm pretty sure it was given based on the time you've played with the account.

So the short version:

  1. What is the "IGG account creation country & city detection" is based on? (because I'm sure it's not based on geolocation, I already gave that to the support team but that was wrong)
  2.  When the "Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal Decoration" came out (It was Jan 7th) and how much old the account should've been for the bronze one?

I will appreciate any kind of help for this problem so I can get my account on my new apple id :):heart:

PS (unrelated): I think my first post is the 6666th post on the forum :D

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Posted on 11/25/21 7:17:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm pretty sure that your Apple ID is the email address attached to your device.  The purchase history in your Iphone (settings) will tell you when you downloaded an app, but I believe this only goes back 18 months.


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Posted on 12/16/21 11:44:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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