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[Media] [Media Event] CC Collage Blog Experience

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Posted on 6/27/15 9:45:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you love to reminisce up your CC experience and share your Victory and happy moments thru Blogs and Pictures? Well this is your Moment! Join CC Collage Blog Experience.

Note: What is Collage: is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole

How to join: - Click here to join in

1. Create a Collage picture of your special moments on playing Castle Clash. Take some of your screen shots showing your happy and best moments like raids, boss fights, arena, LR or any game modes. Arrange it like collage picture.

2. We all know that most of us don't have artistic talent but.. We provide few online Collage makers for you to use so that every one could participate. Kindly check the links below:

a) Pizap     b) Photovisi      c) BeFunky

or you can use some apps on your mobile for photo editor that has collage option.

3. After you finished your collage, write a small blog description upon the story behind your collage: (look below for sample) Blog should be 5-8 sentences only describing your happy, funny or exciting moments upon playing Castle Clash.

Raven's CC Collage Blog Experience

"When I first play CC I dont have much hero but I get few good heroes like PD, Vlad, Cupid and other good heroes that help me win the game. I do boss battle and raids most of the time. I was very happy when I get Moltanica on Hero reward. I was very happy too reaching a high might and beating LR boss and mobs which I haven't done before. My favorite hero is Marauder. My next goal is to get Santa to complete my team." -Raven

Other sample:           

4. Any foul or inappropriate images/language will result in a warning and disqualification. Keep it clean, Keep it fun. No lines or sentence about IGG or any related words that involves bad outcomes


1st Pl. - 5 random winners of 1000 Gems
2nd Pl.- 10 random  winners of 500 Gems
3rd Pl. - 10 random winners of 300 Gems
4th - 30 random participants will received 100 Gems


1. One Entry Per Account/IP Address (no multiple post)
2. You CAN edit your post.
3. Submission must be original content
4. Missing or incorrect information will result in forfeiture of prizes.
5. No Questions / Conversations in the thread use Event Q&A Thread ---> LINK
6. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards and usage of all submission.

Rewards will be received in 7-10 business days after event results announcement.

Event Duration:
June 27, 2015 - July 5, 2015