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[Bug & Suggestion] Some Bugs and some other Problems.

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Posted on 12/19/17 9:09:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The bugs is the following:
some Talents or some Skills from Heroes only works in Evo2 or in some Modis, in other this dont work.
I can show you how:
When i fight with a Heartbreaker, the skills says "Deals x% dmg to 2 nearby enemy targets every 0.3s for 4 and reduces their Energy by 20."
There are so much  Problems. First: The skill doesnt activates it every 0.3s, it only activates the skill every 0.4s.
The skill says 13x2=26 Attacks, the real skill only does 10x2=20 Attacks.
The second is: she doesnt reduce the enemys Energy with every Skillattack by 20 energy, it only reduce it Energy by 20, 1 time only , every 4s, on  every Enemy. The Skills says "Also restores 40% of Dmg dealt."
But Heartbreaker restores with Skill 6 (115% dmg, 30% Dmg) only 3.000 Hp. And my Gunslinger with Life Drain 4, (Restores 4% Hp from Dmg), 6600 Hp, even when 30% Hp should from Heartbreaker should restore more Hp, then a Hero with Life Drain 4.
And Heartbreaker restores only from Enemys, when Life Drain Restores from Enemys AND Buildings.
Or Scatter Talents, and Scatter Runetalents, doesnt work properly, in some Modis, when your not Evo2.
For Example: I tried with a Scatter Talent 3 Ronin (Not-Evo) against Dungeonheroes, or Trixie Treat, Druid and some other Heroes. They didnt lose any Energy.
Then i tried it with a Scatter Rune Talent 3 Cupid, against another Cupid. I didnt reduced his Energy.
Then i tried it with a Scatter Rune Talent 3 Pumpkin Duke against Vlad Dracula, Santa Boom, Aries, Thundergod.
I didnt reduced the Energy from them.
I tried with a Michael, same result.
Then i tried with a 5/8 Scattertalent Skullknight, against Cupid, Vlad Dracula and some other Heroes.
Same Result.
Then i tried with a Phantom King, didnt reduced any Energy.
I tested this in Raid and Dungeonmodus.
Is this really a bug, or did this happened on purpose? 
That Evo0 or Evo1 Heroes are not only worse in Stats, they are even worse because some talents doesnt work on them?
And here the other Problem, with the Bazar.
When i compare the Android Bazar, with the IOS Bazar, then i see so many difference between them.
Android: 55 Talent Cards, 100 Master Essences, 2 Evolution Runes, 10 Talent upgrade rune 8, 3.000 Fame and Prime Hero Card 2 twice. For 76€ or 99$
IOS: 20-25 Skeletica Soulstones, 40 Soulstones from 1 new Hero, 1.000 Fame, 4.000 Shards,1 Hero Card Event and 1 other item, for 99$ or 110€.
Or Revilations Set lvl 4 only Flame Guard Set lvl 5, 20 Soulstones from Skeletica and Demorgorgon. for 99$ or 110€.
Why are these items so expensive on IOS? And why i get only 20 Soulstones? That were like 999$ or 1110€.
Or why i get only 20-40 Soulstones from Anubis and co? Why not 100 Soulstones? Why not 200 Soulstones?
Why are the events on IOS so bad, when i compare to Android?
And why are Evo2 Heroes are 200-500% Better then Evo1 Heroes?
I mean, a Evo2 Skullknight/Aries/Rudolph can nearly 1 Shot every Hero, that is not Evo2. A Evo1 Skullknight/Aries/Rudolph deal only 10-30% dmg on my Heroes, Evo2 deal me 70-100% Dmg.
And some Heroes are nearly immortal in Lost Battlefield.
And why are only the lowest Heroes are shown up, in Lost Battlefield, Arena?

Posted on 12/19/17 10:34:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

To add on after maintenance iOS only getting 300 gems as compared to android 600 gems.

All along from what I understood from my seniors in my guild IOS is always getting lousier rewards or items as compared to android.

Posted on 12/19/17 11:32:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sometimes Michaels proc is delay by a second for no reason

Posted on 12/20/17 4:19:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have so many questions in your post. I think you may be lower might level and have lots to learn.

I’m not sure what you mean about the scatter not working but ide say hats happening is your not reducing enemy’s energy but it’s probably not increasing any either. I think lvl 3 scatter takes 15 energy. Every attack you do adds 15 energy so it’s cancelling itself out.

Some heros are immortal in LBF. You bet they are. Comes down to combinations of talents, high lvl skills, crests and good teams. I’ve made it to 1000 points only 3-4 times.

Devo heros gain so much attack because of multiplication. Although they only get a modest increase in attack and HB skills like pd, cupid, sk’s proc multiply out to huge numbers. I’m not going to do the math now but a simple excerise is say 5000 damage x cupid 50% buff is a lot less than say 8000 damage x the same buff.

I hope it all makes more sense the more you play. That’s what makes cc so fun. For every insanely op built hero you can almost always build another hero to combat. Different crests and talents can make a huge difference. Happy clashin

Posted on 12/20/17 11:57:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How do I update the game?
I clicked on update now, and it brings me to the App Store, then I click open and it brings me back to the game and it repeats.
What do I do?