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[Bug & Suggestion] The prices of in-app purchases

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Posted on 1/30/18 2:00:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey, so I live in South Africa but the game prices are set in dollars. Every day there are new purchasable packs in the bazaar that cost $9.99 and that charges me R150.00 which actually shouldn’t be the case right now since the dollar-rand exchange rate has decreased. It should actually only cost me about R120.00 which doesn’t seem like a big difference but in the long run if I wish to make multiple purchases it could add up to a lot of savings. So I would like to request that you guys add in a filter which keeps up to date with the exchange rates globally as to allow more people fair prices. Because if I were to pay $10 for something rather than R150 I would be getting a discount.

Many thanks

Posted on 1/30/18 3:37:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not much anyone can do about this issue, other than Apple.  The base USD price we pay for in-game purchases, is set by Apple, so some countries get screwed by this.  What IGG ended up doing was create specific servers for said players, with their own deals to combat this.

However, if your goal is to play on a US based server, exchange rates is something that cannot be avoided.

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Posted on 1/30/18 6:07:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I’m afraid there isn’t much IGG can do.  Exchange rates vary minute by minute but that change isn’t always necessarily reflected in transactions on IAPs.  Furthermore, there are processors in between who probably tack on their fees as well.  Good luck to you if you’re going to continue playing on the American server.

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