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[Bug & Suggestion] Expedition

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Posted on 7/4/18 4:18:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why is the expedition so difficult? Every day I start by clearing the quest board. Then the chronicles. I get stuck at expedition every time. And then I quit the game.

Pls explain why does it have to be so difficult? The giveaways is only HB and Merits. Handful. Not too many. Then why so difficult?

Posted on 7/4/18 8:36:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

think it depends on your might. I'm not sure but I think you get matched up against opponenst around your own might. First expedition a bit lower might opponents and the 2-10 every run a bit higher might opponents. If people of your own might have stronger heroes, you will face a very difficult expedition every time.
I think this is the way it works but I can't be 100% sure

Posted on 7/4/18 6:12:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Generally Expedition is a lucky dip.
Sometimes the bases are easy and sometimes very difficult.
If you have Minotaur Chiefton you can usually use him and Cupid to destroy a base from afar.
If you have Dovekeeper you can use her to kill all the Heroes on the bases from afar too.
I use snipers (heroes that attack other heroes from the other side of the map) like Dovekeeper, Warlock, Pixie, Aries, Spirit Mage, Grizzly Reaper etc etc.
If you try to go head to head then use a tank first like Skull Knight, Dread Drake etc etc.
It really is a lucky dip as to which bases you get, your Hero skill level and normal level are key to beating it

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