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[Bug & Suggestion] GW Scoring change

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Posted on 9/28/18 12:00:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It would be great to see an update to the GW scoring system.  Some spend so much time and effort so little result.

As encouragement to gain might; I'd like to see rewards based upon a two tier system.  Say you score 3200 points in GW, you get 3200 fame.  If your guild finishes in first, there is a bonus of 1800 fame.

if your guild finishes second then 1500 fame bonus and so on.

this way makes gw something worth doing!

Posted on 9/28/18 2:36:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So you think that the fame payout should double?  *Correction: Triple with the bonus for final position. I have to ask how did you formulate these numbers?  Also should we assume that if a member scores 5,000 points then they should receive 5,000 fame + 1800 for the guild taking 1st position?

I have to admit that with rewards like that, it certainly would be an incentive to increase might.  However nothing in this equation provides any resources to increase might any quicker then members are currently, unless of course they start spending more, which completely leaves out the F2P community.

How about an incentive for those coming up?  I mean someone who has been able to accumulate enough might to be considered a "High" might account has already demonstrated a level of commitment.  So given this scenario what incentive is there for those who are not "High" might?  Further, What incentive does IGG have to implement a change like this?


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Posted on 9/28/18 4:24:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well the incentive is more fame. And a f2p needs other ways of getting fame. This would be a good idea to implement and a good incentive for folks to try their best in gw benefiting themselves and the guild. It is hard to raise might without the fame right? Touchdown I think its a great idea and I know others think that as well. Dont let anyone cut ya down in expressing a good idea. You never know it could happen.

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Posted on 9/28/18 5:32:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


fame is one of the most challenging resources for a FTP account to accrue.  Most active low might accounts are always doing gw.  This gives them the chance without spending money to evo/devo heroes, augment heroes, upgrade talents and work on destiny that they normally would not be able to do so.

Yes, my proposed scoring system is tilted towards high might players, but the reality is that it benefits ALL players, and actually benefits F2P players most.

Posted on 9/29/18 6:41:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with both sides of this discussion, while I can see that for me to get more Fame to Evo/Devo quicker to gain more Might faster I can also see that higher Might players will also gain massive amounts.
That said, ALL people will gain more comfortable amounts of Fame.

The problem I can see is that in this current proposal the amount is too high. If we are earning a tonne of Fame there is no incentive for people to spend because twice a week we can gain enough to Evo/Devo a Hero or 2 just for spending 2 hours in the game twice a week.
And considering high Might players are mostly the biggest spenders the revenue lost would be insane.
I dont see IGG going for it.

However if we were to say Score / 2 (50% of score) plus Place Bonus it could be more acceptable.
1st place 1000 bonus
2nd place 800 bonus
3rd place 600 bonus
And so forth..........

One thing to note is eventually the “whales” will be sick of spending and quit, newer whales come in but from a company standpoint if there is a way to keep both then it could be feasable.

It needs some fine tuning but i like the idea

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Posted on 10/1/18 12:39:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Igg needs to update rewards for all game modes, gw in particular. Above is an excellent idea

Posted on 10/1/18 5:18:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I love this idea.

As it stands, the amount of resources we receive in game (especially Fame), is way too low.

All resources need to be doubled, or even tripled.  Right now, its standard procedure to get around 40k fame + other crap for 10 dollars.  That is anywhere from 3 months to a year of GW, depending on the account.  Even if you triple the GW payout, that is approximately 10,000 fame a week for the Top guild who gets first every time.  10 dollars is still a month of GW for the number 1 guild, and the sales are rising.

I like this idea because it helps everyone from the Top to the bottom.  As your scores improve in GW, your Fame generation improves side by side.

I especially like it because it gives a static amount for winning, so smaller guilds or smaller accounts can automatically get large amounts of Fame, right off the bat.  We need incentives to play this game. As paying player, I have to actually stop myself from buying now, because I need a reason to actually play the game. 

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