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[Bug & Suggestion] Improve the game mode rewards. Make them worth to play!

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Posted on 10/18/18 7:58:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Right now the Bazaar is inflated so much compare to few months ago. 
($20 can get you 150000 fame, that's a year worth of fame.)
As the inflation keep getting bigger, It makes the game mode less motivating to play. Result in lesser and lesser passion to the game. 

There should be increase rewards from playing. 

Arena: 8x rewards.
Considering you need good heroes to have high chance to get max fame every week, 200 fame every week is just too less. 

Labyrinth: Decrease Blue Crystal by half and add Red Crystals as reward. Enemies and Goblin stats won't increase further after floor 25. 
At higher floor, Some goblins are not possible to beat even with BiS setup. Especially Smug Goblin.

Expedition: 1.5x rewards.

Castle Crisis: 
Double their rewards. 
Avaricifer, Impster and Ember Army should last for 4 days fixed. (Ember Army ended too fast.)
Archdemon should last for 3 days fixed.
1 week break. (Result in 2 week cycle for Castle Crisis.) 

Arid Ruin: Make it possible to obtain 4 rewards instead of 2. Also add ss of newer heroes into the drop table.

Heroes Trial: The HB rewards should be Double. The gem rewards are fine.

HBM: 1.5x the shards and EXP would be nice. 

Fortress Feud: 1.5x more chests.  

Guild Boss: 1.5x the rewards. 

Team Dungeon - Lava 4: Make it possible to give more type of hereos ss beside walla. 

Lost Realm: 2x Blue and Red Crystal rewards. Triple the amount of crests it gives and make it possible to obtain newest crests. 

Team Here Be Monster: 1.5x the Blue and Red Crystals. 
IS1 should give level 2 crests. Including the newest crests. 
IS2 should give level 2-3 crests. Including the newest crests. 
IS3 should give level 3-4 crests. Including the newest crests. 

I am not native speaker. I am sorry if there are any grammatical mistake.
I wrote this suggestion while I still have passion for the game. Please really consider about these suggestions. Or any alternative to make these modes more fun will be appreciated. 

I do understand that the game need to make money. I am not suggesting to nerf bazaar. But $20 for almost a year of progress is just too much. I am suggesting that make the game modes worth to play. and sightly increasing the rewards are the easiest way to fix. 


iOS - John
Posted on 10/18/18 8:23:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Based on your suggestion the primary problem as you wrote is that a $20.00 purchase can net you a year's worth of fame.  You then say that this makes the game modes less desirable to play.  So without addressing the increases in the various modes which you have suggested, I will just ask wouldn't the solution be to indeed decrease the amount of resources being given for purchases?

Increasing the rewards, would not necessarily make playing the various game modes more attractive, especially if you can still circumvent this by a $20.00 purchase.  I completely agree that rewards do need to be updated and increased as the requirement has certainly grown, but it appears that this is a two pronged issue and can not be effectively addressed by only tackling one issue.


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Posted on 10/19/18 9:17:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Everything can do with an update at this stage, even modes you havent discussed.
However FirstLady is right, being a business model it is much simpler to raise the prices of the offers which further pushes f2p out and will cause a loss of more p2p players due to the fact that the things they got last week are now more expensive.
However, if more people keep voicing it I am sure rhey will take some sort of action.

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Posted on 10/20/18 12:19:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you both for replying. 

Ok I understand the bazaar sale is a business decision. It is alright keep doing whatever it has been. 

Recently I have also watched a video from Jtisallbusiness (a Castle Clash Youtuber).

He is saying the similar to the game mode rewards plus other suggestions. 
From the video's like/dislike ratio and comments, I believe that there are a lot people are agreed to these. 

Anyway, Please review the rewards especially the modes I have mentioned. Thanks.

iOS - John