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[Bug & Suggestion] IGG solve Members with LOW RAM

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Posted on 11/21/18 1:38:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear IGG Board of Director's,

First, We are happy castle clash keep update the game and we Love so much this Game! BUT, your PLEASE keep in mind you cannot just keep update without thinking the "consequently" for those PLAYERS who using LOW RAM!
**Let say Registeration in 1Day YOU got 10,000 peoples. I Belive your Guys also know in the world,most of the fortune less, Say 10,000 PLAYERS,60% who are NOT CAPABLE!
We(as PLAYERS), hoping IGG find a SOLUTION for those players with LOW RAM (IPad & Phone).
We are Happy & Grateful if you can Help us on this Matter.

Thank You.

From Guild,

Posted on 11/21/18 2:42:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Very good suggestion.  If the game continues to update at the current rate this will present an issue for everyone.  As it stands now a good percentage of Android users are already running the game in minimum requirements, a feature that not all devices provide.


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