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[Bug & Suggestion] Need updated rewards IGG please!

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Posted on 3/17/19 10:06:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The game mode rewards really need to be updated. Igg did a really good job with this before and the changes they made with the latest update were negligible.

IOS Suggestions:

1) 1000 igniting stones and 400 zenith stones per guild wars for first place in addition to current rewards. Rewards to scale/increase with higher might 2) Fortress feud 2000 igniting stones and 800 zenith stones for first place in addition to current rewards. Rewards to scale/increase with higher might 3) lava 4 give 80 igniting stones per drop  and level 9 runes 4) is4 30 zenith stones per drop and level 9 runes  5) new breakthrough stones to level to bt 30 give out for arena, labryinth, warden challenge and archdemon 6) boss fight rewards give out level 9 talent runes, 200 igniting stones, 50 zenith stones and 5k fame 7) igniting and zenith stones to be added to daily login, and quest board. 8) REWARDS TO BE UPDATED EVERY 2 MONTHS

We can debate the quantities of resources but igniting and zenith stones need to be given out in meaningful quantities. Fame and shards are almost useless now for the casual spender.

So many players are quitting and Most of the players I have spoken with will not spend anymore until this is fixed igg. It does not make sense to play a game that game events do not give out meaningful resources. Pls fix ASAP

Posted on 3/17/19 10:28:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Untouchable8, First there is currently a rewards feedback thread ( Updated Rewards - Feedback ) for members to voice their opinion on the current update.  Perhaps you intended this to be a "Suggestion" in which case the link will take you to the appropriate section.  Eitherway the Discussions section is not the proper placement, primarily because it is not a section reviewed by IGG and iOS members rarely posts in this forum, so there is no one to actively engage with you, which is really rather unfortunate because it is those suggestions which are supported by the platform that tend to get the most attention.


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