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[Bug & Suggestion] Tweaks to game to make it better for all

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Posted on 3/23/19 1:41:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have been playing this game for about 5 years now, and I have a few minor suggestions which could be implemented for the next update or the one after. This are things that I see the CC community always mention (ios leaders line chat) so I thought I would mention a few and see how we go.

1. Troop training - it's a pain, it's clunky and glitchy - and has been since I started playing when troops were useful. Now troops are mostly used as "cannon fodder" for guild wars either attack or defense. Please make it easier to train and fill all the camps.

2. Remove "quest refresh card" limit of 3 per day. I have 200+ of them and not sure why there is a limit per day at all.

3. Arid ruins - game disconnects from the other player 9/10 times. The rewards are mostly not worth the time or effort anymore

4. Rewards for all events need to scale based on players might.
For example - an 8 shard reward for a quest task is useless for a player at 300k might, or
2 Soulstones for beast tamer from arid ruins when I have multiple heros cards sitting in the warehouse

Thank you for reading and I hope you can put some of these suggestions forward
Jachama - leader of adults_inc

Posted on 3/23/19 1:17:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Jachama, All of these suggestions have been previously submitted several times by active members in the active CC forum. They have also been included in recent "Feedback" threads, videos and parodies by notible figures. Despite the division of the platforms we all play the same game, experience the same issues and hope for the same adjustments. So thank you for resubmitting and supporting these adjustments.


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Posted on 6/10/19 12:07:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interestingly, Castle Clash’s MAU has reduced nearly half between 2017 and 2018 and perhaps even further in 2019, but as of the end of 2018, monthly gross billing didn’t decrease nearly as much, only dropped 1 million from 11mm to 10mm. Evidently their strategy of enticing new comers to the game to “pay to play” is working fairly well. Apparently the reduction in MAU is mainly attributed to the departure of “free to play” users. Unfortunately this seems to be just the normal cycle of mobile games — you get to a stage where you want just a core base players to maintain a steady revenue. I would predict things would probably stay the same with little major change going forward. However, I would encourage IGG to give at least some reasonable incentive for us long term players when Castle Clash 2 (New Dawn?) is released. At least you’d retain some of us who’s fed up with the current version of CC.