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[Bug & Suggestion] Game keeps freezing & missing hero groups

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Posted on 11/20/20 4:00:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Every timeI log into the game it starts freezing up on me, when I go to fight in the lost battles, or any type old battles. What is most surprising is I have my teams made up and when I go to fight I am missing my teams and have to create them again. Why is this happening. Also freezes when I am trying to complete my quests. I have to keep rebooting the game. Since this last update a lot of errors have occurred when will this be fixed?

Posted on 11/21/20 9:52:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would suggest that you clear the caches for the app, generally after installing a new update there are a number of visual glitches.  

If you are not already running on minimal requirements this should help with some of the battle issues.

Finally it is very helpful to screenshot or record the issues that you encounter, this aids the relevant team in identifying and addressing these issues.  You can post here, upload to a hosting site or Youtube, or submit directly to Live Support.


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