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[Bug & Suggestion] That will save your epic and payed heroes from been deleted

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Posted on 7/13/21 9:05:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I had loose many special heroes by deleting them mistakenly and some been deleted by my kids , such as minotaur , That shouldn't happened by this suggestion, one epic and one paid hero of each kind always cant not be deleted and that hero is the higher rank hero of its kind , All heroes in card mode or been opened can be used in evolving and relics , Please think about that suggestion its really important and needed , I miss my deleted minotaurs I paid a lot to get them .

Posted on 7/14/21 10:16:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is very unfortunate that this occurred, but in order to consume a hero it must be free of any attachments, which means; Crest / Insignias, Totem, Garrison, Epic Hero Assist, and Teams in the various game modes.  This means that the hero essentially does not have a complete build ( No insignia ) and is in essence not being used.

The easiest method to prevent accidental consumption is apply an insignia as soon as possible.


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