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[Bug & Suggestion] CC 8th Anniversary Gala log-ins reset to 0 days!

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Posted on 7/16/21 9:03:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


I have 5 Castle Clash accounts and this evening I logged onto my main account [Content removed by FirstLady]. Previously I had logged on earlier and logged into the CC 8th Anniversary Gala event for the 17th time as I had each previous day, collecting all the available rewards. But when I logged on the game tonight and happen to check that page, it indicated I had zero log-ins! It was bland, awaiting me to log in the first time and the previous 17 log-ins were gone, as if I had never logged in on that page!

I checked two of my other accounts (one on iOS and one on the Windows server) and they were both OK - all the log-ins from the previous 17 days were still there.

Can IGG fix this log-in problem and re-grant me the previous 17 log-ins? I assume although I only found this on one of my accounts, this bug may have affected others. If you don't I will never get the 6 Serratica bags since I had 17 log-ins and now I have just the one I did this evening.

3 hours later: Weird: I logged on again and now it's all correct again. All my logins for that account are now there, as expected.

Dan Heisman

Posted on 7/17/21 12:15:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First it is not a good idea to post your gaming information in public.  I am really sorry to hear what you are experiencing, and while we appreciate your reporting these issues on forum, it is best to contact Live Support as they have the ability to not only audit your account but also to make the necessary adjustments.


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