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[Bug & Suggestion] Narcia event. Final solution... Enjoy

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Posted on 10/29/21 8:00:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello I would like to post something that, at first, might be strange....
The narcya event should not be one against others, it's too hard....
Your guild shall be alone in the MAP... and as much as they win territory and castles there shall be a final pontuation. Based on this pontuation there would be a new Narcia War between guilds.
But the first Step shall be only the guild members, active members would get same rewards.
This would avoid abuse of power, right now, I can't even get 1 square that my oponents destroy it.... Our guild members are stuck in the main temple, we can't simple leave the temple.

All members of the guild Join and try to get the areas and castles, only the guild in the map, it would take 7 days.
Second phase - fight between guilds...
This phase would be during around 2 days... and would not start from zero, but from the Phase 1...
so the rewards of phase 2 would be pure GEMS... like 1k gems, 100k gems for all members etc.

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Posted on 10/29/21 1:46:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please be advised that threads that contain titles with all or excessive (unnecessary) "CAPS" are not allowed on the floor.  Further; since this appears to be a suggestion I will move to the appropriate section.


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