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[Discussion] Destiny is Awful (For players like me). Or at least it appears that way.

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Posted on 1/15/18 7:55:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So Destiny has been out for a month or so, and I decided I'd reach out to several folks on their opinion on Destiny.

Note: Everyone I reached out to are members of Top 50 guilds.  These players are quite literally at or near the top of this game.

With that said, in general, most players don't do it.  Their Destiny heroes are at level 4, and only used the free Karmic stones they get.  Destiny appears to be a game mode meant for end-game players, and the large majority of the end game players don't even do it!

We can immediately rule out all the early-mid range players, so this game modes caters to less than 1% of this game.

I'm all for game modes that provide an "endless" progression, but this isn't progression, this is a dead game mode.  For better or worse, I think Destiny needs an overhaul.  Am I alone on this?

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Posted on 1/15/18 10:45:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You’re absolutely right about this.  Once I used up my free karmic stones and such, I’ve not bothered with it.  The decision to not participate is made further easier by missing heroes in each of the Destiny avenues.

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Posted on 1/16/18 12:42:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

the extra buffs / skills are nice.  but I don't have 250k fame lying around to upgrade the full set.  good on those that can and do.

Posted on 1/16/18 3:32:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is crazy that to make a team you even have to have the greens or blues. Originally it was a killer to get these heroes up for my towers and I don’t have either of the heroes and I surely will not be consuming or changing those heroes to make a team. So much for that game mode whatever it is.....

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Posted on 1/16/18 5:37:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The word game mode is a little exagerating on Destiny. It is just a further way to boost your hero, like inscriptions or augmenting.

It is a nice twist to reward those investing in otherwise useless heroes. So Pally became some purpose again ;)

In the end the boosts are marginal, so only for the end game players. For me it feels better to have some goals to work on making your heroes better than working on heroes you never use.

It is also more actually a way to have cash players slightly better heroes. Of course you can use fame, but that takes quite a while. On the other side IGG is selling tons of these karmac stones these days.

Posted on 1/16/18 11:40:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have so many talents to improve to 8 that I dont think I can get enough Fame to start this mode for at least 1 year, maybe even I will have left this game, who knows XD

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Posted on 1/16/18 2:02:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just to clarify and hopefully help:
At first it looks like a new game mode with a new map. But in the end it is just a set of 6 heroes grouped together. So far we have 2 sets.

All these 6 heroes get a combined score dependent on how far you have developed them. This score is just a number and has no special meaning besides determining how far you can level up the destiny of each individual hero.

For every 2 heroes you possess of these 6 you get a chest with some goodies.

I dont think it is really a bad thing. First it eats no time (we already have too many game modes) and it allows to level up heroes if they are otherwise already maxxed.
So it is only recommended to end game players, cause the costs are enorm.

On the other side the gain is not that dramatic, so that these players do not get a huge advantage.

With almost 80k fame per hero it takes even for high accounts a long time to collect. So think twice if it is worth it. Of course IGG is generous as usual allowing you to speed up the proccess with money ;)

Posted on 1/16/18 6:45:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree, the term "game mode" probably shouldn't be used.  It is more like Traits/Inscription than anything else.  One of my suggestions for Destiny was to simply make them higher inscription levels to prevent confusion, but oh well.

So far my experience has been rough.  I've taken one hero to 11/11 skill so far, and it blew out all my fame.  I also generate more fame than your average player, so I can see how this hero improvement path is simply out of reach for a significant portion of the player base.

However, I will concede that players such as ArgamonCC need to be catered to as well, and it looks like Destiny has a place for them.  In that case, maybe Destiny is doing exactly what it was supposed to.

iOS - DarkKnights
Posted on 1/16/18 10:52:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I remember WAY back ( several years) when I would use magic towers, at that time ALL the top players would tell me to use arrow towers, that magic towers suck.  My response was simply, I like my magic towers - they stun the players while my arrow towers shoot the enemy down.
I'm wondering if there isn't some "magical" reason for this seemingly dumb game mode called Destiny...I haven't invested much time in it, and that's simply because I'd rather invest the resources into more obvious choices.
Hopefully someone can give us all a reason to invest in Destiny...until then...I'll carry on as usual :-)

Posted on 1/17/18 8:18:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I dont get it, what this has to do with towers ;)

I mean the nature of which of the 2 tower types is more effective has changed many times. When HE came out arrow towers of 4+ were a nightmare. They basically one shot every hero these days. Ppl always forget the emmense power creep heroes got over time, while towers stayed the same since I started playing

And as said the reason to invest in Destiny is quite simple. It is more or less an end game investment. If you look at accounts like mine than every hero I use is 10/10, ins 100, devo, fully augmentet, level 200. So what can you do with your resources? Level up copies to push your might... that is plain boring

I think the players complaining are more or less the newer player base. They never experienced what the game was before. It was an endless grind. After playing for more than 1 and a half year none of my heroes was 180. Any player having a 180 hero was either around for a very long time or spend endless time to push his heroes (who remembers raiding for xp?)
Since the introduction of Sweeping most players are used to max out everything straight after release. I find this plain boring. It was fun to work for over a year to finally beat HBM T, or it took me 3 month to get my team for AA ready.
Nowadays the only skill is rolling the hero. After that most players max or almost max him/her asap.

So Destiny is sth to work on, which is, in my opinion, a good thing. Not that I think it is a perfect addition to the game, but I want to see more and more things that you cannot reach asap, but have to play for