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[Discussion] Arid Ruins R.I.P. off

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Posted on 3/22/18 4:14:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don’t know why they even offer any prizes other than ten to fourteen green hour after the reset I decided to try to win some shards or purple essence.anyhow after the five levels were completed successfully,those cards spread out on the screen and I wound up winning 100shards and 2purple essence.however when I left the level to go check my mailbox to receive my prizes and absolutely zilch was in my mailbox.i decided to give it one more try to see if it was just a glitch perhaps,nooope zilch again in the mailbox.why advertise the prizes that take 2to 4minutes to accomplish,only to receive zilch.very disappointed in Arid Ruins.

Posted on 3/22/18 11:35:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah, this is a VERY VERY poorly designed gameplay and reward system.   Add the bugs - which occur for me at least daily - and you have a crappy experience.

In some regards I sympathize with the developers but still fault them for releasing a cruddy system.  The only user engagement after replying heroes and where to reply new heroes is casting spells.  You cannot change angle of attack between dungeons.  Then with all the heroes on the board, the size of any individual enemy hero can be very difficult to discern.  Also, the gameplay is way to long for the rewards obtained.

Yet, the most annoying aspect are the bugs.  At least once a day, most days more, the game freezes the character states and does not allow game progression.  Therefore, one has to sit around until the dungeon timer expires to collect a reward.  Not getting your loot is anotherbuu

Posted on 3/22/18 12:11:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1) It is version 1.0
2) No one is forcing you to participate.

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