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[Discussion] Should we be forced to use skins?

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Posted on 4/21/18 3:56:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like the idea of Skins. It changes things up for heroes which is cool. What I don’t like is My Samurai Ronin epic look, turning into a baseball player, or my Anubis wearing gridiron gear (which is pink btw).
Some of the skins Rock, as I’ve stated about the Crimson Demon for Grimfiend, and many others. However the Donut on Rokno drove me here.
Now that the skin system is symbiotic with the dual talent update, and it’s not necessary to use the skin if you want to swap talents, why should we be forced to look comical instead of Heroic, to gain the benefits of the skin?
If one system doesn’t rely on wearing the skin, why should the other? If we like how the Skin looks, cool we can wear it and gain the benefits we paid for. If however you don’t want Wallawalla holding a Turkey and dressed as a cook with sausages in his backpack, and prefer the more authentic look of the Demon Shaman hiding in plain sight, then we should be able to look that way, AND gain the benefits of the skin we paid  for.
Some are very expensive when they first come out, in the $100 category. Then you get the shock of your life when the skin is put on and your team is all decked out in Devo’d colors and Auras, yet Anubis is pink and holding a phallic symbol trophy...

How do you feel about this? Do you feel cramped when having to don a skin that doesn’t hold up with the theme of your team you had in mind? Would buying the skin and gaining the stats be enough so you could choose your look?

There’s also the matter of some skins that do look great yet alter the size of the hero so much it looks like a pet (I’m looking at you Moltanica Skin).

I love the Idea of skins, however some just don’t work for me, I’d love to see multiple skins for each hero which would further diversify hero use, however being forced to wear a skin, in a game where the look of Your heroes gives a sense of status, and feel for your base, some of the skin options go completely counter to this, when the stats on them aren’t really an option at all. Think Silent Hills in the Destiny area with an undead dragon, Grimfiend, and a werewolf being led by Prince Charming and a Floating Clown..

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Posted on 4/21/18 4:53:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree
I absolutely hate the pink look of Anubis, the fact that he's a great hero and to make him even better with some extra stats from a skin is a great idea, why not, just to be let down by some pink baseball player kinda sucks.
Take rockno, a RHINO that wields a giant warhammer, cool, why must his skin be changed to have a doughnut on his horn?, I mean a freaking doughnut on a rhino that's meant to have lava cracking through his skin and a burning horn, without the skin after he is evolved I think he looks pretty cool.
Walla walla, he is a demonic shaman with fiery eyes of doom, but the skin makes him into this orc, chef thing that has a turkey on the end of a fork. "quick smack 'em to death the turkey", see what I mean?, little dumb really.
I certainly agree that they need to dump the whole comical "theme" and make them into actual heros not some stupid creatures with doughnuts for a decoration.

Posted on 4/21/18 3:55:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have to say this is a very good suggestion.  Most of the skins are absolutely childlike, hideous or just simply do not fit the them of this type game.  Fortunately all of the feedback mirrors our opinion. Hopefully IGG will take note of this and come out with a more fitting line of designs.

Unfortunately, I am not as hopeful for the concept of obtaining the buff from the skins if you deside to swap back to the original form.  But who knows, if enough members keep providing the same feedback in a proactive manner we might see this chance also.


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Posted on 4/23/18 7:47:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You don't have to wear the skin to use talent swap. You just have to own it.

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Posted on 4/23/18 9:46:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agreed. We need a choice especially Rockno - also IGG should realize it may stop me from buying Rockno skin. All you ideas are good. In addition for those who don’t like the crazy skins maybe off a 3rd more classic look - just changing the color of what they wear maybe?

Posted on 4/24/18 7:13:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As mentioned above you don’t need to use the skin to get the dual talent feature.  You just have to buy it lol.

But I agree on nearly all points.  It think skins should be purely cosmetic only.  By incorporating stats, you have a lot folks buying it, even though they hate the look, and I feel that defeats the entire point of a skin.

If the skin isn’t fun for the user, it fails.

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Posted on 5/12/18 7:37:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I also HATE the skins, but Love the added benefits/Stats.