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[Discussion] wait, wait, wait, error

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Posted on 5/18/18 3:01:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This game has its moments but waiting 30 minutes for every single battle is ridiculous (considering almost everything you do is battle) and buildings and upgrading troops can take days to a few weeks to a month.  Obviously you can spend real money for temporary supplies but eventually you can’t afford to spend $50 a week so basically you can expect to reach stalemates periodically where you can’t really do anything without spending money.  Adding xp for characters also costs you real money and once you get past 160 you can never have enough xp to level out, therefore you have to choose “packages” starting at $9.99 that won’t even give you enough xp to level up ONE character.  I like the game but I’m expecting that soon I won’t be playing this anymore.  I understand you need money but how often you need it to get anything done in less than a day just isn’t porpotional to the flow of the game.  I can wait a day for a building, I can wait 10 minutes for my troops to revamp but I didn’t start playing a game just to feed the machine..  Give me some leigh way...  I think $10 a month is more fair..but this every move you have to pay stuff, ehh nah..  Also fix the lava dungeons particularly #3, it is in a constant loop and you can’t get to the battle.  I have the most updated version of the game, uninstalled it and reinstalled it, rebooted my phone, yet still can’t get in but “tech support” still swears it is my phone, not their app having the issue.

Posted on 5/18/18 3:13:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is unfortunate that this is not a perfect world where we can expect everything on our own terms.  There are lots of F2P players who understand that playing will be a continuous grind, as well as the P2P who consistently spend with the expectation of acheiving goals quicker.  Then of course there is the P2W who will drop whatever is required to remain in a top slot, having said that you need to pick a team and conform to those requirements.  You can not be F2P and expect P2W results, it is just not realistic.

As for your issue with "Lava Dungeons", this is actually the first that I have heard of this issue but might I suggest you try the minimum requirements setting, which can be found on the settings page.  It may not resolve your issue but many members have been able to by pass lagging/disconnection issues by using it.


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Posted on 5/18/18 3:47:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since last update I cannot get castle clash at all what happened