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[Discussion] Ways to make individual shard donations more relevant to game play

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Posted on 6/12/18 6:37:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So just a few thoughts I had on making this aspect of our accounts more relevant:

1) maybe it could provide a boost to your GW score
       A) it addresses hopping
       B) it encourages you to help your guild
2) perhaps it could even prevent your forum posts from being deleted
       A) censorship is bad
       B) I declare it is self evident that guild donations makes your posts valuable to the forum community.
       C) since it is self evident no contrary opinions allowed, plus my high shard donations makes this point extra beefy. I’ve dontated 23k which is twoce the elite standard.

How can anyone disagree or delete this post?

Posted on 6/12/18 10:01:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting ideas.  Helpful and thoughtful.

Posted on 6/12/18 10:04:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I eagerly await Hanya’s thoughts on this.  His opinion is highly valued...

Posted on 6/12/18 10:32:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Donations of shards has nothing to do with Guild Wars, so should have no effect on your GW Score. So that would be a negative for number 1.

Counterpoint, we currently receive Honor Badges & Fame based off your score for attacks. Your rewards are increased depending on where your team scores. You can receive an additional percentage boost for that score if you're in your guild longer. Receive 100% bonus, which would be double your score, if you've been in your guild like 6 months plus. So, if a person is hopping to a guild they come in first, get like 1300 fame. Then you have someone like me, my Guild comes in 5th, but I get 788 fame for my score plus 100% bonus for being in 6 months or longer. 1576 fame for me. That would be dope for those who aren't  guild hopping and complain the GW is unfair. You'll be rewarded for your loyalty.

Second, shard donations have nothing to do with forum posts. If your post is ignorant in some way shape or form and is not helping anyone in the forum, what the point of it being in there?

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Posted on 6/12/18 12:31:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bomber, interesting post. You state that because shard donations (and the rank you obtain in the guild because of them) do not currently effect gw score, it should not ever be decided to improve the game and address other issues utilizing that. In effect, progress should never occur unless it is limited to the existing parameters of the mode that needs improvement.

I reject that philosophy as flawed and short sighted. You say doing his is a negative but never explain why it’s negative. You just say it’s a negative. Can you provide a little merit to your argument with some fleshing out of your opinion? I’d welcome a lovely debate on this subject.

In the spirit of that debate, I’ll make the following statements in support of my idea:
1) Gw scoring is tied to your account progress in terms of heroes, altar size, skills, buildings, building levels, near every aspect of the account. I don’t see why your rank in side the guild (which is also part of your account progressing) should be ignored in the scoring system. Even if it’s just part of your might calculation, it’s something you can improve and yet has no real effect on anything unlike everything else in your acct. it’s an arbitrary line and one that could be changed.
2) it does help prevent guild hopping because the hoppers will have to donate shards to remain competitive. I think that’s great. I don’t like hopping and I’d like to see the practice end. I think it’s unfair for top guild to smash mid level ones every gw because they are afraid of decent competition.
3) guild wars is a guild wide event, and I think it makes a kind of sense for longevity on the guild to go into it. I’d like to see that guild who remain together get rewarded with some competitive advantages. The guild is the building block of the community and watching them break up over guild war results skewed by hoppers and a constant reshuffling hurts the community.

Now, as for in the forums, it would be nice if ideas were considered and debated intelligently instead of removed by mods. I agree shard donations are probably a stretch as the correct way to address it, but I’d love to hear your ideas on how to prevent the pettiness of one particular individual from killing the forum. I am certainly open for ideas.

Posted on 6/12/18 3:01:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My take on it is slightly different, but still in the same realm of discussion.

The primary goal of all these ideas is to stop Guild Hopping.  It doesn't really matter to me how it's done, so long as the result is the end of Guild Hopping.

There seems to be a divide on shard donations affecting Guild War Score.  Specifically the score, not the payout.  So let's simply focus on something else shall we?

How about we just have shard donations give a straight payout of Fame per week.  Say, you reach Elite, now you get 200 fame per week.  Let's make it part of the completely pointless Salary system we currently have.

Let's go deeper.  Let's also have a weekly fame payout for tenure in the guild.  For every month you are in a guild you get 10 fame per week, to a maximum of 360 fame per week. (3 years).

So now we have a system that encourages members to reach elite, and rewards members who stay in their guild.  3 year members will easily reach elite and can tack on a 560 fame per week to the Salary.  With Destiny needing 80k+ fame per hero, and extra 500ish is far from overpowering.

These are just ideas, but the point remains the same.  End guild hopping by providing rewards in other areas.

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Posted on 6/12/18 6:14:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Another solid suggestion. Since fame is so undervalued maybe even higher amounts make sense.

Posted on 6/12/18 6:57:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Excellent points hanya. Perhaps you could volunteer to hold a training on intelligent ways to debate topics in forum posts.  You and Castle could be coleaders.

Posted on 6/12/18 11:45:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My take on the Shards effecting Guild Wars is a no simply for the following scenario;

I leave a Guild because people dont bother doing Guild Wars
I head to a new Guild, as a rather High Might Player and am penalised in my score because my donations for that Guild are 0.
Now if I had dumped 20,000 shards into the new Guild to be able to gain a better Guild Wars score and the Guild removes me after Guild Wars then I am down 20,000 shards and the process repeats.

If you are saying that the Guilds donation capita as a whole is what it should be based off then the scenario of “our Guild has a High Guild Wars bonus so you need to donate xxx Shards when you join” will become a requirement and the same scenario as above can, and in most cases, will occur.

As for linking it to the Forum its simply not possible as the Forum is a totally different platform and format not linked to the game in any way, shape or form and just simply not possible.
Its not like the old battlefield days where there was a way to log into your game stats and create a forum signature to use.

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Posted on 6/13/18 7:00:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yoga, your scenario is plausible and Inagree it would suck but most guild dotnnboot high might guys after one GW for no reason.  Are you implying you cannot find a stable high might guild that is willing to keep you long term? I have a list of you are interested. So while that can certainly happen, the guild hurts themselves by booting a fully vested player and they are less likely to do that under this system. So I think it will make kicking players less of a thing, especially for no merit. In short, this change makes your scenario loess likely and punitive towards the guild. If you have trouble sticking, this idea could help.