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[Discussion] Ways to make individual shard donations more relevant to game play

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Posted on 6/13/18 2:28:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

A bit of context for the specific topic of "Shard Donations directly affecting GW score".

My previous post in this thread, I offer an idea on how shard donations could help the player directly while potentially discouraging hopping, but I also don't think that shard donations affecting GW scores or GW in general is a terrible idea.

Let's be real here, lots of outside factors affect our competitive game modes:

1) Might levels give a direct percentage buff in the Arena.  Someone who has a ton of ninjas in their altar could easily have a significant advantage over someone who doesn't.  I find it hard to believe anyone thinks that "having more Ninjas" should be a deciding factor in a competitive game mode.

2) Being in a good time zone is a stupidly huge advantage in Torch Battle.  If it's 3am where you live when TB is ending, there is a good chance you can't even do this game mode to begin with.

3) Time zone is also a huge advantage in LBF.  Being able to do your runs right before the reset is a proven effective strategy.

4) Squad Showdown, a game mode that is meant to truly create a level playing field between players, allows players to get an advantage using gems!  Spend gems and win!

These are just a couple of examples how resources, both in-game and outside of game, can affect our supposedly competitive game modes.  You could argue that donating shards is different, and I can argue that it isn't.  I'm not here to debate that. 

What I will debate though, is that we don't have any true-to-name "Competitive game mode equal to all".  Castle Clash and virtually all games with the freemium pay model simply aren't designed that way.


If no game mode is really equal anyway, then the idea of shard donations for GW points isn't farfetched, so long as the result ends guild hopping.

And hopping is really all we want in the end.  Everything else can be dealt with afterward.

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Posted on 6/13/18 3:56:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Another fantastic and well thought out reply. What an exceptional example of mod greatness Hanyabull is. I’m a better person for having taken the time to carefully read and evaluate his post.

Posted on 6/13/18 4:03:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like my idea of changing the cooldown to 48 hours.  You would miss a gw every week.

Posted on 8/23/18 3:41:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How about something like a building in the guild turf area that helps the leader n vices keep track who has and who hasn’t participated in guild wars and torch battles?And after a set amount of misses ,the computer pulls third name into the front page of said building,and asks if you wish to keep the player or eject them?As for guild donations ,how about after 20,000 donations plateau is reached and the leader or vice Kick them,they receive half of thier donations back?