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[Discussion] Talents - Feedback

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Posted on 8/2/18 3:12:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Over the past several months we have had (8) new talents introduced.  Some of which are compliments to older talents, while others actually have assured the retirment of some. Share your experience and opinions on the usage of the following talents.

Dec. 14th 

Mar. 13th
*Brute Force

May 15th
*Iron Will

July 17th
*Sacred Light
*Unholy pact

~What affect (if any) have these new talent had on the older ones?
~Which will be the most popular?
~Which are least desirable?
~Where would you apply them & how?  (Hero/Crest/Artifact/Pet/Traits) 
~What are the disadvantage of using any of the above crests.

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