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[Discussion] Heroes Trial clearance?

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Posted on 12/5/18 3:55:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Morning all

Am I missing something here?

When doing Heroes Trial on hard, how on earth do you clear each hero when they reset the number needed to clear each time? I got Harpy Queen down to 14 then next day it was back to 18.

I don’t get how it works?

Posted on 12/5/18 8:25:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Maybe it is bug. There is visual bug on Android that number may be wrong when you first enter HT or switch to different lvl, but when you exit hero trials and enter again number of enemy heroes in wave will be correct. on Android amount if heroes in wave depend on difficulty, hero, and lvl. But same hero have same amount of heroes in wave on same difficulty each time. For example on Hard 8 Tree have 36 heroes in wave each time, i have checked it on few accs using cards and refresh and it was constant amount. But on Hard 5 this number was different than on Hard 8 . Here it is amount of enemy heroes on Hard 8 lvl of HEro Trials
Lady Leo - 18
Warlock - 21
Death Knight - 36
Pixie - 36
Tree - 36
Orksbane - 27
Heartbreaker - 18
Siren - 27
Aries - 30
Harpy Queen - 15

Check if on ios this amount is same every time, and if it is not than report it as bug, cause imo it should look in same way.

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