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[Discussion] Proposed changes to cc - igg review please!

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Posted on 1/27/19 12:31:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Many longtime players are losing interest due to the state of the game. Many of us have found the guild events most fun.  Here are some suggestions to keep the game interesting!
1)  make a resource that cannot be bought that is tied to guild events such as guild wars and fortress feud. People like team competition and when the rewards don’t matter people get bored and quit
2) change the guild war scoring system so that equal points are rewarded for the highest might bases so if a lower might or higher might player beats that base the points rewarded are the same. Guild wars is largely decided by who has more guild might which is boring. Skill, not who has more might should decide the outcome. This makes the game more fun. Could tier the rewards of gw based on might similar to fortress feud
3) update game rewards for all game modes every month to keep up with the resource demands of the game
4) change the guild rankings to be a more accurate reflection of reality. E.g. remove shard donation rankings which is meaningless, make a new ranking based on guild war scores, fortress feud scores etc to be updated after each guild event

For the sake of cc, I hope igg can make some if not all of the above changes to keep this game alive and interesting!

Posted on 1/27/19 12:43:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I’d also state we need more game progression and not new game modes. Should have new insane dungeons every 2 months to alternate with new hbm monthly. Many find insane dungeons to be the most fun and challenging aspect of this game. Lava 5 and infernal summit should be updated every 4 months with updates game rewards.

Posted on 1/27/19 2:09:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My thoughts;
1) Since items are now being sold in game I don't think IGG will exclude any resource from being sold.

2) I agree that the points awarded should not be determined by the might of the attacker, it is more difficult for a lower might account to accomplish what a higher might can, but I fear that past complaints will make this a difficult thing to accomplish.

3) Rewards do need to be update and I believe a suggestion or feedback thread will be going up on this subject shortly.  However a monthly revision is a bit overkill.  If the rewards are updated based on current requirements, no update should be required until something new is added or altered that changes the requirements significantly.

4) I don't see any issue with the ranking system and even if your suggestion were to be implemented, the ranking would still be very similar to the current one since might has an impact on those scores.  I do however think that the ranking system for GW & FF matchups should be addressed for more accurate matchups.


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Posted on 1/28/19 12:50:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 1/28/19 9:15:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think that instead of every month bringing out a new hero they should concentrate on the game itself. What happened to insane dungeons, they could have brought out insane 8 instead of the other one. They need to fix small issues and rewards for each game mode. If only they could take one month and fix the little things and not worry about a hero I am sure folks would be very happy with the game.

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Posted on 2/22/19 12:57:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Glad to see @Janber is still here lol. My 2 cents

1. Warden system killed the game — it’s too convoluted and hard to create synergy in team modes. Should’ve just admitted your mistake and put back artifacts.
2. Tooooo many new resources to keep track of. Too many similar game modes. Why not just make hero levels and skill levels semi-perpetual? From a cost standpoint it’s easier to code. High rollers won’t get bored because they can level up their heroes level 999 and skill level to 99 which will take a while.
3. If IGG wants to make new talents that’s fine but make them swappable. Honestly that wasn’t a good idea to start with. I’m not spending another $99 AFTER I just spent $99 for a talent the previous month — I understand there are high rollers willing to spend, but it angers everyone else. New hero / pet / talent need to slow down.
4. Honestly IGG is causing players to spread themselves too thin. Too many things to track and yet none of them worth anything. You can buy everything and buy your way to the top. That ain’t competition anymore. Guild mates just feel like that person is a duche — no synergy anymore.
5. I used to play this angry bird game that has world team battle event. Forgot the name, but I remember I was able to get rare armors that CANNOT be obtained anywhere else. It was fun and competitive and takes real skill. Sure, you can buy gears but they are not going to be as good as the one you win by PARTICIPATING. If we don’t get rewards from participation, the let me ask IGG what’s the point of this game? For what purpose am I spending my money?

Posted on 2/22/19 6:52:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

There's nothing wrong with charging players to boost accounts imo. That's how things work. You spend $2.. you ride the bus. You spend $60,000.. you drive a Benz. I will never be #1 and I'm fine with that. The main thing that's gotten worse imo is boosting hero strength costs money (mainly fame) and the rewards haven't increased. Like at all. Have them jump up with might at least. Give us some incentive to reach 300k..400k..500k. I'm around 450k and have no interest in hitting 500k. I don't think the game is ruined, I think there should be changes though. They've made a lot of positive changes, but the grind is real unless you pay up. And by real I mean real, real, reeeal slow.

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Posted on 2/24/19 11:49:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

That’s exactly my point: spending >>> participation, which should never be the case in any competition.

I find it funny how people use the analogy of premium paid driving a luxury car. That’s a false analogy. Would you like to pay to get an advantage in a basketball game, or just about any team sports for the matter. The point of any competitive game should be about skill and strategy and if it’s just money talks, why don’t I instead just buy a boat or Just about anything else but the game.  I don’t find it interesting hiding behind my desk (or phone for this matter) to “fake” how wealthy I am. Perhaps some people indeed are, but I think at least from a business standpoint I wouldn’t bet on it.

Posted on 3/16/19 5:02:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@Jabber, there is an inherent assumption that igg cares what it's customers think.

as long as the dev's are getting fractional transactions not much will change. 

the game as evolved into the format used by another dev; and I wont continue to pay to keep up to have perfect talents not for each hero but for each hero and each game mode.  not worth it.